One afternoon, I was in the house when an announcement was made that someone’s golden necklace with a name written on it got missing, and every house would be checked thoroughly, as usual, in three days’ time! “Oh my God, these people are going to kill someone again; what’s all this? When are we going to be freed from this slavery? Well, I feel sorry for that person and his family,” I said.

In the afternoon, I quickly went to see my friend Fred, and fortunately, he was around! “Have you also heard, Fred?” I asked. “This is very serious, Michael. Who is it going to be this time? Hmmm, let’s tread with caution,” Fred replied. “I pray so, Fred,” I said. “So what about that man who came to your house the other day? Have you figured out anything?” he asked. “No, I’m sure he might be one of those thieves who always enter people’s houses whenever they are not around,” I said. “Ahhhh, hmmm, despite all that is happening in this community, some people still have the guts to steal?” Fred replied. “Ok, Fred, I have to be on my way now. See you later,” I said. “Ok, Mike, let’s catch up later,” Fred replied, and I left.

Lo and behold, three days later, the search began from house to house; these people were searching with so much anger on their faces. They searched and searched, finally, they were already in my house! I wasn’t afraid by then because my house wasn’t the last place they were about to search; they still had more places to search! I took them to my room; I was standing there watching them as they were searching! My sight was concentrated on them; I was looking at them with so much seriousness so no one would formulate any false accusations against me! They were searching, and a few minutes later, they walked towards my bed. I was watching them with all seriousness, and one of the vigilantes raised my bed up. Lo and behold, this golden necklace was found under my bed! “What? No, no, no, please, I’m innocent…” Before I could even finish that statement, I got a thunderous slap from one of the vigilantes.

“We will keep on killing people like you in this community. You think you can just go inside someone’s house and steal?” said one of the vigilantes. I quickly remembered the man who came to my house that day while I was bathing; I don’t even know who that person was.

My mom and dad were living in a different village; I knew definitely they would hear it. I was quickly dragged by the vigilantes as if I had killed someone; they locked me in their prison while two burly men watched over me. I would be killed and buried alive together with my family in three days for a crime I knew nothing about! They wouldn’t even allow me to explain myself!

Later in the afternoon that day, I was crying bitterly, praying to God to deliver me from the prison when my friend Fred came to me. He cried bitterly as well after seeing me locked up in prison. “But who could have done this to you, Mike? That person will surely pay,” Fred said, tears rolling down his cheeks. “So I’m going to die like this?” I asked. A few minutes later, Fred left.

The next day, my parents were brought into the village by the vigilantes! Immediately they set their eyes on me; we all broke out with tears and cries. “Mike, so this is how you are going to destroy this family? What could have been done to a son that I haven’t done for you?” my father said with so much anger on his face. “So this is how we are all going to die, Mike?” my mother added. I tried to explain to them that I was innocent; my mum seemed to believe me, but my father was very angry with me.

We were all locked up in the prison, waiting for the next day to come so we would be buried alive since we didn’t have any option than to die. Stay tuned to find out who was responsible for all this accusation in the next part.

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