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Morning Prayer before going to work

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Jesus Christ my lord please grant me the tenacious winsome courage as I’m about to go through this beautiful day you gave me opportunities off. God please bless me and give me strength whenever I am attempting to give up in life help me to be going constantly non-stop so as to shame the devil. I come before you Lord please bless me your child and the one you died for on the cross of Calvary. Please father Almighty my lovely God give me courage to do whatever I want to do during the day without any fear or disbelieve in Jesus name.

Jesus Christ my lord please as the sun rises may your hope rise up in me. As the bird is singing may Your Love Flow out of me. As the light flows into the new day you gave to me may your joy and happiness shine through me. Please Jesus Christ make my day successful and glorious as you have always be doing and I believe that today that you gave me will be more precious than all the previous day’s that has been a part of my life amen.

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