How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging

There is some many ways of making money online which is quite awesome and easy too considering how serious you are in making money online because making money online also requires more effort and patience because everything about online must deal with patience no matter how dedicated you are.

Blogging mean a website that deals with a setten content about a particular niche to solve problems in an online space, sometimes it also solves problems physically most especially video like blogging that literally deals with practical aspect of it blog, because you see it and can also apply them just the same way you watched them.

How to make money online and also how to be a successful blogger :

Some many people are into blogging which do not mean that you can not make money through it too, maybe because of the competition or as a beginner. Once you are creative and seeks for an helpful articles like mine trust me you will be progressive in owning a blog.

1. Creating blogs or website : The first thing to do is creating your own blog which will make it easier for you to make it more personalized business incline so as to be able to initiate your own thoughts for people to read. Remember to be successful blogger you must be creating an original content and everything concerning an article on your blog must be copyright free both the pictures, the written contents.

2. Creating content : Creates  content is another major thing that will make your blog successful and very progressive because content is the major part of your blog because people who visits your blog, are there to read and digest for there need, to sort problems from there own end, so the creators is expected to create a long and valuable content to be able to be recognized as a valuable content by Google because Google do check the originality before ranking any content so that the cost tent of any article might not affect any visitors looking for them.

3. Applying for an ad networks: THIS is the most interesting aspect of your blog or I better say your sweat because this time around we are talking about the money aspect of the blog you created. To make money on your blogs or websites you must first of all have ad networks so as to make money from there ads displayed on your site and the click of those ads and the visitors gives you a lot of money depending on how many visitors you get per a day, but the most important aspect of is that you have a quality content to be approved by the Google adsense program, because without good content you might not be approved no matter the millions of traffic you get in a single Day. Ad networks that is very profitable, Adsense, Ezoic, Media net, Amazon mediviane. All this listed ad networks have there requirements, and that is why I started from the beginning to illustrate the major steps to take and achieve whatever you want in your blog business. First of all is to have a quality content, long from 600 word count to any amount,no copyrighting in online space because whatever is posted in an online space can be dedicated be it on Facebook, Instagram anywhere, once you compied them from someone account trust me it can be dedicated,so you can only read and write it in your own understanding, not even changing words ohh is literally not acceptable too, you are expected to read and translate it by yourself to achieve whatever you want in online space.

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